Concerned Parents of African American Students


High School Course Audit


CPAAS recommends that parents check to make sure that their students are taking the proper courses in high school.  We recommend that our students take the courses that will maximize their preparation for college and career.

The requirements for admission to college are now the same for the University of California and the California State Universities.  If your students have met these requirements, then they will be competitive when applying for any college in the country. 

The following link will take you to the University of California to determine if your student is taking the proper courses.  After arriving at the site, enter Skyline High School, or any other high school that you are concerned about. 

University of California


**** CPAAS Course Advisory Alert **** 


As the start of the new school year approaches, we wanted to make sure that your student is enrolled in courses that give them the most educational opportunity and preparation for college.  This message is of particular concern for our 9th Grade Parents but everyone should be aware of the implications.



As a 9th Grader, your student can take either Biology or Physical Science.  We strongly recommend that your student take Biology as a 9th GraderWhy?, because only Biology is recognized by the UC/CSU Colleges.  In other words, Biology is considered a Laboratory science course by the colleges and will be accepted by the colleges.  The Physical Science course offered in 9th Grade IS NOT considered a college prep course by the colleges.  IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BY THE COLLEGES FOR MEETING ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS.   CPAAS, therefore, strongly recommends that you demand that your student take the Biology course in 9th Grade just as so many other 9th Graders at Skyline H.S. do


As a 9th Grader, your student can take either Algebra I or Algebra I (A).  Algebra I is the normal one-year course.  Algebra I (A), however, is part of an alternative Algebra I course expanded over two years.  In other words, taking Algebra I (A) as a 9th Grader requires that your student also take Algebra I (B) as a 10th Grader as pass both in order to get credit for one year of Algebra I.  At that rate, your student would not be able to take Geometry until 11th Grade.  The colleges WILL NOT accept taking one year of Algebra I (A) as meeting the admission requirements.  CPAAS strongly recommends that if at all possible, your student take the normal one-year Algebra I course. 

Of course if your student has already taken Algebra I before 9th Grade, and passed the course, they should not be in Algebra I, but should be taking Geometry or Advanced Algebra/Trig, depending on their level.