Concerned Parents of African American Students





CPAAS was founded on Skyline High School's campus by a coalition of parents in 1994 after it was discovered that qualified African American students were being denied admission to Honors and Advanced Placement courses.  African American students with G.P.A.'s of 3.0 and above were not routinely allowed into these courses.  Typically, admission to the courses was controlled by teachers and counselors.  We learned that remarkably, no consistent set of standards existed for admission of students to these advanced courses.  In other words, there was no required G.P.A., test result or other consistent rule of measure that was used to admit students to these courses. 

CPAAS worked with the Oakland Unified School District and the Office of Civil Rights of the U.S. Dept. of Education to help craft a fair and transparent protocol for the admission of all students to these courses.  Now a student may be admitted to an advanced study course if they have 3.0 G.P.A. in the subject in question.  A qualified student can no longer be denied admission by a teacher or counselor.  We are proud that the work done by CPAAS to open Skyline High School's courses to all students has come to benefit all high school students in Oakland.  The standards and protocols that CPAAS helped to craft at Skyline High School have now been implemented at all of the high schools of the Oakland Unified School District.  The Voluntary Resolution Plan (VRP) and more recently the Equity Plan, are the formal policies of the Oakland Unified School District that are designed to address persistent equities in the Oakland Public Schools.

The mission of CPAAS has now grown to include a wide range of issues of concern to African American parents.  In addition to ensuring equal access to high school courses, we try to help our parents and students navigate through high school.  We help to arrange tutoring services, maintain a scholarship database and help parents make sure that their students are taking appropriate high school courses.  Via our monthly meetings, parents can share their experiences, voice their concerns, ask for help and guidance from the school staff and hear guest speakers and presentations.  CPAAS continually strives for a quality education for our students.